Gemstone Soaps Course


Learn how to create and design fantastic gems and artisan stone soaps. We use Transparent Glycerin Soap Base, also known as Melt & Pour soap.

If you cannot find this soap or you get a poor quality, I will teach you how to make a transparent soap without caustic soda, and in less than 1 hour you will be able to make your gemstone soaps with your own glycerin base. If you don't have Micas (Muscovites: a silver-gray form of mica occurring in many igneous and metamorphic rocks.), I'll show you a trick that will surprise you. If you don't have soap dyes, we will use food coloring to color, so the color won't be the excuse for not making some awesome soaps!  Would you like to read more about this course? Let's go...

  • Teacher: Marcela Burgos.
  • Course Duration: 5 modules. 
  • Resources: 5 Instructional Files And  14 Video Tutorials. More than 120 minutes of instructional videos. Exercises. Questions and answers forum. Image gallery. Tracking management and completion of the course. Diploma.
  • Access to the course: It never expires. You keep it forever.
  • Access to the forum: 4 months of tutoring in the Gemstone Soaps forum. (Manual registration, you must ask for access to your teacher through inbox.)